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Cancel plans to ban conversion therapy

Submitted by Theodore Oscar George Elliott on Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Published on Wednesday 6th October 2021

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 6th April 2022

Signatures: 124

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Cancel plans to ban conversion therapy

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In 2018, the UK Government promised to end conversion therapy. Last summer the current Government confirmed this commitment, and to even provide funds to LGBT people impacted by it. I want the Government to cancel these plans. Conversion therapy should remain completely legal for all ages.

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We believe banning conversion therapy infringes on religious freedoms, the liberty for conversion therapists to do their jobs without Government intervention, and the right for LGBT people to decide for themselves whether they want to have it. We believe that the Government's statements that the practice is "coercive and abhorrent" are incorrect and deeply unfair. I am not suggesting that the Government allows "corrective rape". But conversion therapy, including supportive prayer, should be allowed.

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