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Reform home schooling policy and increase support for home schooled children

Submitted by Herman Reid on Saturday 2nd October 2021

Published on Thursday 7th October 2021

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 7th April 2022

Signatures: 163

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Reform home schooling policy and increase support for home schooled children

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Reform home schooling policy to make it fit for purpose post-pandemic, with equality for all children regardless of where they are educated.

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This should include providing term-time food vouchers for low income families equivalent to free school meals, and provide financial assistance for resources.

During the pandemic a Government u-turn led to school children receiving school meal options when at home during lockdown. Children who are home schooled did not receive this regardless if coming from a low income family or parents subjected to furlough. This demonstrates a form of inequality for families with home schooled children. Parents of home schooled children face additional pressures to those whose children remain in mainstream education.

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