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Ban the shooting of dogs

Submitted by Lee Herron on Saturday 9th October 2021

Published on Tuesday 12th October 2021

Current status: Closed

Closed: Tuesday 12th April 2022

Signatures: 3,292

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Ban the shooting of dogs

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Following the recent media coverage showing hunt leaders shooting their hunt dogs at point blank range in the head and dumping them, including while still alive, I am appalled!

I want this to stop and demand that all dogs are either rehomed or humanely euthanised - in exceptional circumstances.

Additional Information

This barbaric killing of dogs needs to stop

I have an ex-hunt dog who escaped from a hunt four years ago! He lived on the streets for 16 weeks after leaving the hunt - abandoned and left to die by the ones he worked for!

I believe we can do more! These dogs ‘can’ be rehomed and should be given a chance ! And in the rare event they can’t they should at least be euthanised humanely and not shot in the most cruel and horrific way!

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