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Propose and back a global WTO carbon tax at COP 27

Submitted by Jonathan Hoare on Sunday 14th November 2021

Published on Thursday 18th November 2021

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Open until: Wednesday 18th May 2022

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Propose and back a global WTO carbon tax at COP 27

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One of the UK's aims at COP 27 to be the introduction of a global carbon tax through the WTO. The specifics of a carbon tax can be negotiated, but a global system to control carbon is essential for fighting the climate crisis, and the UK should be leading the drive towards this.

Additional Information

Without a global carbon tax, we believe local carbon taxes and other financial attempts at mitigation won't work. Any carbon tariff that is only specific to a certain area could allow sectors and countries to evade it, and will not be significant enough. The UK can be a global leader in pushing towards this goal, and must do it as soon as is feasible, which is COP 27.

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