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Ban the sale and use of artificial grass for residential properties

Submitted by Margaret Moran on Thursday 18th November 2021

Published on Wednesday 1st December 2021

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 1st June 2022

Signatures: 10,901

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Ban the sale and use of artificial grass for residential properties

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The UK Government has previously responded to calls for the banning of artificial grass by stating that they 'prefer to help people and companies make the right choice, rather than banning items outright'. This response needs reviewing, as the use of artificial grass in UK gardens continues to grow.

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The UK is described as one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, yet people continue to destroy living gardens to replace them with plastic. Life on earth depends on rich biodiversity, and the use of artificial grass is irresponsible. This, aside from the issue of huge volumes of plastics should be enough to determine that the '25 Year Environment Plan' is not ambitious enough.
This is a simple step towards the commitment to COP26.
Incentives are not enough.

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