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Exempt people who recover from COVID19 (with antibodies) from the vaccine

Submitted by Marta Ludian-Waldeck on Saturday 27th November 2021

Published on Friday 7th January 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 7th July 2022

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Exempt people who recover from COVID19 (with antibodies) from the vaccine

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Make the vaccine a choice for people working in health care. Respect the research principles and ethics. Do not dismiss the side effects of the vaccine that are unknown. The unvaccinated could act as a comparison group to validate the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine.

Additional Information

Immunology research and studies are ongoing but existing research suggests that people who gain natural immunity/antibodies to some viruses are protected against future re-infections. The antibodies tests can be carried out to confirm if the antibodies are still present and would be able to determine if an effective vaccination is required to boost the body’s natural immune response. The research on Covid-19 virus is still unravelling.

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