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Allow people living with a partner to make single claims for Universal Credit

Submitted by Giulia Giannetti on Wednesday 19th January 2022

Published on Monday 24th January 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 24th July 2022

Signatures: 140

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Allow people living with a partner to make single claims for Universal Credit

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The Government should stop assessing a partner's income and savings when an individual is applying for Universal Credit. Living with a partner does not mean a partner can provide for both people. This premise takes independence away from people unable to work, or struggling to be hired.

Additional Information

When an individual applies for Universal Credit, if they live with their partner, then their income is also assessed and the individual has to make a joint claim. This assumption that one partner should be the "breadwinner" if the other cannot make money can enable financial abuse and makes it more difficult for those in poverty to gain independence. I and many others live with a partner, but this does not mean they are financially responsible for me, or vice versa.

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