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Separating state and religion: national education system

Submitted on Saturday 30th July 2011

Published on Monday 12th September 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 12th September 2012

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Separating state and religion: national education system

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Existence of state projects and programs supporting religions means discrimination of non-religious population.

Also, it means delegating authority to unelected religious leaders at home, as well as de-facto to foreign religious establishments, as many religious organizations have links to centres abroad.

Among citizen, religious divisions create crisis of loyalty undermining law-enforcement, police, and national defence forces, and generate social tension.

For the national educational system, the following steps are proposed:

1) Cancel access to public funds for religious institutions such as schools, universities, educational charities, and alike

2) Ban transfer of money from foreign sponsors to religious organizations

3) Close existing theological/clerical departments and religious centres in publicly funded universities

4) Close corresponding departments and broadcasts in Government-sponsored media (BBC)

Religion must remain private matter of citizens.

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