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Independence for the home nations.

Submitted on Saturday 30th July 2011

Published on Friday 5th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 5th August 2012

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Independence for the home nations.

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The original purpose from Acts of Union 1701 brought about the UK Union. We can now see the benefits that devolution and levels of autonomy have brought to Scotland, Wales and N Ireland.
We petition Parliament to debate the breaking-up of the UK Union, thus allowing the creation of four independent nation states.
Each of these four nations will then have their own parliament and government, and will be responsible for raising their own taxes, deciding how to spend them, and how to develop and manage their own economy.
The four home nations when independent will be able to choose the levels of cooperation they seek with the other home nations on an issue by issue basis, and may choose to keep the Monarchy, Sterling and the shared use of defence and overseas representation. But, these decisions and others will be made by voters and elected representatives in each of the home nations and not as now imposed on them by London.

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