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Reform UK Parliament behaviour - Make “Shouting / Jeering etc” unacceptable.

Submitted by Colin Sinclaire on Friday 11th March 2022

Published on Wednesday 16th March 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 30th September 2022

Signatures: 90

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Reform UK Parliament behaviour - Make “Shouting / Jeering etc” unacceptable.

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When we watch the Houses of Parliament debating, it is at times an embarrassing spectacle. When the speaker or chair recognises someone to speak there is often shouting, jeering, booing and general rowdy behaviour from from both Government and opposition sides. This needs to be reformed.

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We believe reforming the behaviour of MPs during debates is long overdue. At times it is undisciplined and rowdy. This behaviour belongs in the past. I propose that it is expected that any recognised speaker is listened to in respectful silence. If any MPs shouts, jeers, laughs or says hear hear, should get a warning, and if they persist they should be removed from chamber by the speaker.

We need a dignified chamber with intelligent debate we can be proud of.

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