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Fund biennial full body MRI scans for all NHS patients to screen for cancer

Submitted by Nicola Sprenger on Thursday 28th April 2022

Published on Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 17th November 2022

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Fund biennial full body MRI scans for all NHS patients to screen for cancer

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Screening for cancer (like how breast and cervical cancer are regularly screened) might help it be picked up early rather than when it is too late for the patient. Offering NHS patients an MRI every 2 years could increase cancer survival rates as stage 1 and 2 cancers are easier to treat.

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Too many people die from cancer because GPs are not equipped to make effective diagnoses or refer people to the correct specialists. Offering regular MRI screening could help cancer be identified in the early stages, whether a person has symptoms or not, meaning it is more likely to be treatable than when it gets to stage 4. It would also be more cost effective for the NHS in the long run because it could be treated in the early stages rather than a patient having ongoing, unsuccessful treatment.

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