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Reduce the electricity Green Levy for home Heat Pump owners to the same as gas

Submitted by Timothy John Kinsella on Monday 2nd May 2022

Published on Wednesday 4th May 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 18th November 2022

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Reduce the electricity Green Levy for home Heat Pump owners to the same as gas

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Make heat pump ownership less expensive as a matter of urgency in order to encourage uptake and achieve zero-carbon earlier.

The electricity for them costs 4 times more than gas running an equivalent gas boiler. Heat pumps may be 3 times more efficient but, for many, the numbers don’t stack up.

Additional Information

Plans to gradually equalise the green levies on gas and electricity have been shelved because of the energy crisis. Yet at the same time, Government seeks to encourage the uptake of heat pumps. Unfortunately, their running costs are a big disincentive for many and those costs are artificially increased by the x 10 difference between the ‘green tax’ treatment of gas and electricity even though electricity is greener.

Please stop penalising those who want to do the right thing by the planet!

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