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Abolish all school exams and replace with teacher assessments

Submitted by James Surtees on Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Published on Thursday 5th May 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 19th November 2022

Signatures: 33

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Abolish all school exams and replace with teacher assessments

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The Government should abolish all examinations and replace them entirely with teacher assessment and in-class work throughout the school system.

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Exams are prominent in the UK; they can decide people's lives, but I feel they are out-dated. The whole point of exams is to evaluate students’ knowledge but by being forced to revise for them that purpose is defeated, after the test students often forget what they have just revised. Much of what you learn in school feels like a waste, therefore exams are unnecessary and we should get rid of them and opt for a different approach.

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