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End mandatory coalition in the Northern Ireland Executive

Submitted by Emma Gunes on Friday 6th May 2022

Published on Monday 9th May 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Signatures: 30

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End mandatory coalition in the Northern Ireland Executive

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It is time to overhaul how the executive is formed in Northern Ireland. Mandatory coalition does not work. We have moved on from 1998 and it is time to end rules that distribute ministerial posts to multiple parties representing different communities. It is time for change.

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Currently ministers are nominated by the political parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly, on the basis of their share of seats in the Assembly. Additionally, the First and deputy First Ministers must be from parties representing different parts of the community.

This has led to stalemates, and the absence of a functioning executive and assembly.

The Government must reform these rules so Northern Ireland can be governed by any party or coalition that can command the confidence of the Assembly.

The current format of government hasn't worked for at least the last 10 years and forcing parties who are world apart in ideology to "work" together has failed, the people of Northern Ireland deserve better.

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