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Include abortion rights in the Bill of Rights

Submitted by Caitlin Elizabeth Davis on Wednesday 29th June 2022

Published on Tuesday 5th July 2022

Current status: Open

Open until: Thursday 5th January 2023

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Include abortion rights in the Bill of Rights

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As Parliament considers the Bill of Rights, the Government must reconsider including abortion rights in this Bill. Rights to abortion must be specifically protected in this legislation, especially as the Government has refused to rule out leaving the European Convention on Human Rights.

Additional Information

In the wake of the United States Supreme Court over-turning 'Roe vs. Wade' in a landmark decision; the United Kingdom must enshrine abortion rights in the new UK Bill of Rights.

Abortion rights are healthcare rights; not just for individuals who do not wish to be pregnant, but also for those who do. For ectopic pregnancies, to finish a natural miscarriage, or if mother or foetus' life is at high risk. There are a multitude of other reasons to seek an abortion and this should be protected as a right to choose.

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Government Response

The Government responded to this petition on Tuesday 20th September 2022

The Government is now looking again at the Bill of Rights to ensure it will deliver the Government’s objectives as effectively as possible.

The Government has decided to look again at the Bill of Rights, to ensure that it delivers the Government’s objectives as effectively as possible.

This will inform future steps in this area, including any legislation Parliament may be invited to consider in future.

Ministry of Justice

Parliamentary Debate

This petition was debated in Parliament on Monday 28th November 2022

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