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Introduce a discounted TV License for students

Submitted by Samuel Hobbs on Wednesday 13th July 2022

Published on Monday 18th July 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 1st February 2023

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Introduce a discounted TV License for students

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I think that university students should be allowed a reduction of 50% (at least) on their TV license fee. With all the costs associated with university (such as tuition fees, maintenance loans etc.) many students may struggle to afford the current TV Licensing fees.

Additional Information

The UK is in a cost of living emergency. With prices constantly surging, many people are struggling to afford things like the TV License, and uni students are no exception to this. University students have many costs to worry about such as loans and tuition fees, but the TV License shouldn't have to be one of them. Some students may not even be able to get a TV licnese due to the high costs.

I am calling for the government to allow a 50% reduction in TV Licensing fees for uni students.

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