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Increase Universal Credit to match National Living Wage and change savings rules

Submitted by Michal Baradziej on Thursday 14th July 2022

Published on Friday 22nd July 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 5th February 2023

Signatures: 53

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Increase Universal Credit to match National Living Wage and change savings rules

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The Government should increase UC payments (currently £265.41 for under 25s, £334.91 for over 25s) to the equivalent of the National Living Wage (currently £365.25 for a standard 37.5 week), and backdate increased payments for 5 years.

Additional Information

Additionally, the £16k maximum savings limit should be raised to £22k, and Help to Buy ISA savings should be excluded, when calculating UC.

National living wage goes up almost every year. Rules for UC stays same in this section are not structural and not updated to current standard. Should be consider and backdated up to 5years to fair treat as inflation should consider since program starts and save hassle to claimant and DWP.

Pot savings for every year should be different because of inflation. Help to buy ISA should not be shows as savings as cannot be used and if withdraw lose interest so is there but can't use.

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