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Change the voting system to proportional representation (PR)

Submitted by Ruby Henderson on Monday 3rd October 2022

Published on Monday 24th October 2022

Current status: Open

Open until: Monday 24th April 2023

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Change the voting system to proportional representation (PR)

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We believe changing the voting system for all elections to PR will make elections fairer, as the number of seats won per party will more directly represent votes cast.

Additional Information

We believe First Past The Post (the current voting system) is extremely unfair. A good voting system should have the total number of seats gained be directly reflected by the total votes won. FPTP fails in this. This means that the party winning the most votes nationally is not even guaranteed to win any seats. We believe this is very undemocratic and many feel that their votes are wasted. Proportional representation systems should mean votes actually show the support for a party.

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