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Make transplant patients eligible for free prescriptions

Submitted by Amanda Slingsby on Sunday 30th October 2022

Published on Thursday 3rd November 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 3rd May 2023

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Make transplant patients eligible for free prescriptions

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Transplant patients need to take several medications daily, for the rest of their lives. Transplant patients are not on the list of people eligible for free prescriptions, despite the life-saving nature of the treatment required to maintain health and functioning of patients.

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The NHS facilitated nearly 4,400 transplants in 21/22. Those patients require medication to prevent rejection/complications to survive. Certain medical conditions needing continuous dressings, life-long medication to manage (diabetes, epilepsy) make a person eligible for free prescriptions, but not being a transplant patient. No clear rationale is given as to why transplant is not included; impact of not taking required medication would put further strain on NHS services and can be severe, with this population.

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