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Introduce new rights to compensation for changes to flight schedules

Submitted by Andreas Christodoulou on Tuesday 8th November 2022

Published on Friday 11th November 2022

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 11th May 2023

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Introduce new rights to compensation for changes to flight schedules

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Changes to the time and date of a flight are covered by an airline's T&Cs, but there are no automatic rights to compensation for affected passengers.

Additional Information

We want new rights to compensation where an airline reschedules a flight, should be based on how many hours the flight is moved.

You may, for example, have a flight booked for 5pm and the airline could reschedule it for 7am that same day and you’d be inconvenienced, but not be entitled to any compensation.

The Government should pass a law that protects customers from any flight changes. A percentage of the flight cost should be refunded to customers, based on difference in hours between the original flight and the rescheduled flight. This should encourage airlines not to reschedule flights and so reduce inconvenience to customers.

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