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legal noise limit for cars to be reduced from the current 74dB

Submitted on Saturday 12th November 2022

Rejected on Thursday 17th November 2022

Current status: Rejected

Rejection code: no-action (see below for details)

Petition Action

legal noise limit for cars to be reduced from the current 74dB

Petition Details

Lower the noise limit for cars and vehicles and make it an offence to be over a certain level

Additional Information

Loud cars contribute to a large amount of noise pollution in cities and the countryside , making lives difficult for children and animals. For example, when certain animals such as deer are pregnant, they can trigger themselves to have an abortion when they become startled, which can sometimes kill the animal, depending how far along they are. As well as this, it causes unnecessary stress for children and can cause them to not get enough sleep.

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This petition was rejected

The Government e-Petitions Team gave the following reason:

Petitions need to call on the Government or Parliament to take a specific action.

Noise limits on cars are based on when they were registered. The limit is 74 decibels for cars registered after 2007 and before 2016, and 72 decibels for cars registered since 2016.

It's not clear if you want a lower decibel limit to be imposed on cars registered from now, or if you want limits for already registered cars to be reduced, so that owners of these cars have to have modifications made to reduce the noise their car produces, if it exceeds these new limits.

You could start a new petition explaining clearly what you would like the Government or Parliament to do.

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