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Repeal the Gender Recognition Act 2004

Submitted by Erin Perse on Thursday 17th November 2022

Published on Thursday 24th November 2022

Current status: Open

Open until: Wednesday 24th May 2023

Current Signatures: 1,966
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Repeal the Gender Recognition Act 2004

Petition Details

We call upon the Government to repeal the Gender Recognition Act 2004. The Act makes it impossible in practice to keep biological men - who are statistically responsible for most violent crime - out of single sex spaces for women.

Additional Information

We call upon Government to repeal this law because we submit that:

(a) it is causing avoidable harm to women and children, who reasonably fear male violence;
(b) it is causing avoidable social unrest as women become aware that the GRA vitiates their right to single-sex spaces;
(c) "gender" is a subjective notion, properly categorised under Freedom of Belief, not as an objective characteristic like sex or age.

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