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Make mental health an authorised reason to be absent from school

Submitted by Alex Marie Clements on Monday 9th January 2023

Published on Thursday 12th January 2023

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 12th July 2023

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Make mental health an authorised reason to be absent from school

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Many young children and teens suffer from mental health conditions include depression, insomnia and anxiety. All of these can be affected by attendance at school, which can be overwhelming. Allowing students to be absent for their mental health would give them time to focus on their mental health.

Additional Information

We believe youth's mental health is not taken seriously enough, and many teens struggle with mental health conditions.

Allowing students of ALL ages to take days off for mental health, rather than having to take sick days, could not only benefit the student, but would also allow the school to keep track of those who are struggling.

We feel this could significantly help students who struggle with their mental health, allowing them to get the help they need without the pressure from a school environment which many struggle with.

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