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Require all mainstream teachers do training placements in an SEN school

Submitted by Mrs Tracie Owen on Wednesday 11th January 2023

Published on Thursday 19th January 2023

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 19th July 2023

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Require all mainstream teachers do training placements in an SEN school

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Require, as part of teacher training, that a placement within an SEN school is mandatory. Allowing hands on training experience of children with SEN. Require all Headteachers have real time experience working with SEN children.

Additional Information

To ensure inclusiveness of children with SEN in mainstream schools we believe it is vital that teachers and support staff have hands on experience. Classroom based training is not enough to understand the needs of a child with SEN. Some children can become isolated and excluded because of their additional needs perhaps due to a lack of teacher understanding and experience. By making training placements mandatory for teachers we think it will ensure a broader understanding and provide key skills.

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