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Ban energy companies installing pre-payment meters without permission

Submitted by Ellis Wyndham-Carrington on Saturday 21st January 2023

Published on Wednesday 25th January 2023

Current status: Open

Open until: Tuesday 25th July 2023

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Ban energy companies installing pre-payment meters without permission

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Hundreds of thousands of people have been switched onto pre-payment metres for their energy bills, often unwillingly. This is disproportionately affecting those on the lowest incomes and is a driving force of fuel poverty which may lead to unnecessary deaths because people cannot afford energy.

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I want the Government to ban the practice of installing a pre-payment meter without a customer's permission. This practice forces those on the lowest incomes to pay for higher energy bills when they are already struggling. Pre-payment meters cost more than direct debit payment. Nobody should be going cold in their home. If we do not ban the forced installations of pre-payment meters people, particularly those on the lowest incomes, will be forced into even further poverty than what they are. Action must be taken. Now.

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