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Ban the award of UK honours to those who have donated over £1,000 to a party

Submitted by James Watts on Saturday 30th December 2023

Published on Wednesday 31st January 2024

Current status: Open

Open until: Wednesday 31st July 2024

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Ban the award of UK honours to those who have donated over £1,000 to a party

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We want the Government to take action to help ensure the honours system is truly merit based, and that it does not look like honours can be purchased, by banning those who have donated £1,000 total in goods, money or services to political parties from receiving an honour.

Additional Information

I think that giving honours to people who have made large donations can make it appear that honours are awarded because people have bought political influence. I believe this devalues the whole system. We want the system to be truly merit based. Those who donate significant money, goods and services to political parties should be satisfied that their donation cannot be perceived to be debasing our honours system.

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