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Require clear labelling to show when the size of a product has changed

Submitted by Oliver Chalk on Saturday 20th January 2024

Published on Friday 2nd February 2024

Current status: Open

Open until: Friday 2nd August 2024

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Require clear labelling to show when the size of a product has changed

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Mandate manufacturers and suppliers to clearly label product size changes to enhance consumer awareness and help prevent deceptive practices. We suggest that changes of more than 10% within the last 6 months should require a "New Size" label covering at least 10% of packaging for at least 3 months.

Additional Information

This changing of product sizes, often a reduction in size without a corresponding drop in price (so called ‘Shrinkflation’) can be misleading. This phenomenon can affect budgeting and financial planning for households, particularly those with limited income. A 'New Size' label on items that change size by a significant amount could help ensure transparency, protects consumer rights, and promote trust in the marketplace. We believe it is a necessary step towards fair consumer practices.

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