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Ban train strikes

Submitted by Benjamin Kelly on Monday 29th January 2024

Published on Thursday 8th February 2024

Current status: Open

Open until: Thursday 8th August 2024

Current Signatures: 34
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Ban train strikes

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We want the Government to address the disruption caused by train strikes. We think they should ban strikes to help ensure uninterrupted and reliable transportation for commuters. Prioritise the needs of the public and the smooth functioning of this critical service.

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Train strikes disrupt essential public services, causing inconvenience and economic losses. Commuters depend on trains for daily transportation, and strikes can lead to chaos. We believe a ban would prioritise public welfare, and ensure reliable and consistent service. It could also safeguard the economy by preventing financial losses due to disrupted travel. We think the Government's intervention is crucial to maintain a stable and efficient public transportation system. #BanTrainStrikes #PublicServicePriority

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