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Legalise bioptic driving

Submitted by Lam Sari on Monday 29th January 2024

Published on Friday 9th February 2024

Current status: Open

Open until: Friday 9th August 2024

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Legalise bioptic driving

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Around 340,000 people in the UK are registered as blind or partially sighted. Legalising bioptic driving would change the lives of so many. It is currently allowed in places across the US and Canada, and there is some research suggesting it is safe. Please consider this to make a significant impact.

Additional Information

I would like the government to consider this as I am partially sighted and have struggled with this for my whole life. Becoming an adult not being able to drive has been extremely hard. Giving people that help and that ability would make our lives so much easier. Being able to drive, pick up our kids from school, do the groceries – having that freedom is like no other. I just want there to be hope for us and for future generations to come.

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