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Change the disabled badge holder symbol so it represents more disabilities

Submitted by Qadeem Akhtar on Thursday 1st February 2024

Published on Monday 12th February 2024

Current status: Open

Open until: Monday 12th August 2024

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Change the disabled badge holder symbol so it represents more disabilities

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The disabled badge holder symbol represents individuals who use wheelchairs. We believe this can lead to misconceptions and contribute towards discrimination against individuals with non-physical disabilities, including those with mental illnesses.

Additional Information

We believe that the disabled parking badge symbol should be updated to reflect a wider range of disabilities, helping to ensure inclusivity and understanding in our communities. By incorporating symbols or elements that represent a broader range of disabilities, we can raise awareness and promote respect for individuals with diverse needs.

We urge the Government to revise the disabled parking badge symbol to be more inclusive and reflective of the variety of disabilities experienced by individuals in our society.

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