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Reduce the standard/excess charge for off street parking places

Submitted on Sunday 31st July 2011

Published on Thursday 4th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 4th November 2011

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Reduce the standard/excess charge for off street parking places

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I believe the Government should amend the Road Traffic (Regulation) Act 1984 - section 35 to put in place a sliding scale of standard/excess charges for off street parking places dependent on the amount of time the vehicle remains parked after the period for which payment was made has expired. If the cost of parking is £1.30 per hour but the vehicle is not moved for up to 10 minutes after the period of payment has expired the 'standard/excess charge' is £80.00 which is totally inappropriate to the 'offence'. I propose that the cost should be the excess time parked plus a service fee (Westminster Council charge less than £1 for their service fee for the PayByPhone parking scheme so I suggest this is reasonable). A penalty should be added to the 'standard/excess charge' if the period of time is over 30 minutes and this should be increased incrementally for every subsequent minute.

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