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Reforming Public sector pay rises

Submitted on Monday 1st August 2011

Published on Monday 8th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 8th August 2012

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Reforming Public sector pay rises

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I want the Government to give pay rises to ALL Public sector workers, that are of equal monetary value NOT based on a percentage rate "across the board".

The value of the monetary pay rise, must be AT LEAST equal to the rise of the lowest paid full-time Public sector worker, taking the cost of living into account.

"Across the board" rises, that are calculated on the same percentage rate for everybody, continually increases the wage gap between the highest and lowest paid - this is simple mathematics. These "percentage" rises, also ensure that the "average" wage gap, between the Public and Private sectors, is not being addressed. Whereas, a monetary rise across the board in the Public sector, will help bring these average wages more in line.

If an equal monetary rise is given to all Public sector workers, it would be fair for all Public sector workers, the present pay freeze that is in operation would not be needed and the Treasury would save money.

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