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Costs of policing

Submitted on Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Published on Tuesday 9th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 9th August 2012

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Costs of policing

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Those people or in the case of children, their parents, who are involved in criminal actions or anti-social behaviour should be made to pay the full costs of those who protect us and the costs of providing the courts, staff and administration of protecting us and keeping the peace and order.
At present any person behaving in an anti soocial way pays only a nominal contribution towards the costs incurred in dealing with the result of that behaviour. The main burden of providing the police service and the court service is borne by the ordinary law abiding taxpayer. Why.
Making the law breaker or someone who is guilty of anti socal behaviour pay the full cost of their behaviour would make more people realise how expensive their behaviour is. It would also bridge the financial gap between what we have and what we need.

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