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Increase sentences for those who commit crime

Submitted on Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Published on Thursday 4th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 4th August 2012

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20 years ~ 5 years ~ Crime ~ Prison

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Increase sentences for those who commit crime

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Scrap automatic release after serving half a sentence. Scrap early guilty plea discount of 1/3 off jail time. Ensure that those who continuously commit crimes are sent to prison for a lengthy time, there’s no incentive for people to stop committing crimes as a community order is ineffective. Adopt a minimum length of jail term for those who found guilty of murder to 20 years imprisonment to life. Increase minimum sentence of rape to minimum of 7 years. After having continuously been found guilty of low level crimes the defendant should be incarcerated for long periods of time. No early release for those serving 5 years or under and those serving over 5 years have to serve a minimum of 75% of their sentence before even considered for release on licence. No day releases for violent or high level offence ie robbery, burglary, sexual offences etc. A full review and a promise from the government to reform the criminal justice system and sentencing ranges.

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